Our Mission

Bringing the joy of dressing into a woman's life while creating a purpose for the giver, parting with clothes and accessories that still have plenty of life.

Our Beginning

"Just too many, I don’t want to throw them away, can I please hold on to this one, this one's my favorite!!" These phrases have come up a number of times in our daily life.

It especially hit home when I started to organize my closet after a recent trip to India. What began as an innocent closet-cleaning weekend became a time for some soul searching.

As I dialogued this topic with my husband , we felt that the problem of "excess", or "surplus" is a modern day dilemma that many of us grapple with. We buy more clothes today than our previous generations did and give away scarcely enough. Hand- me- down's are a thing of the past and online shopping induces us to buy more. Each time I think of downsizing my closet, I become anxious and am fearful of parting with something I feel is dear to me.

How do I make this process of purging beneficial both emotionally and materially (to someone)? Giving away things that are over used or that we don’t want is easy. I needed to give away the clothes that were still good and hanging in my closet. I convinced myself that the time to make a difference is NOW. This resolve helped sow the seeds of Vibushitha. We would like to start an initiative in the US that will collect Indian party wear clothes and convert them into an “ensemble” or a package that includes clothes and accessories, a women might need for a special day.  We will deliver this package to the deserving person in India.

This is NOT an “old clothes” donation drive for the needy.  It is collective serendipity for both the giver and taker. This is about bringing the joy of dressing for an occasion into a woman’s life.

Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.
— Plato