Try This

Try this fun exercise. This is how I got started! Look into your closet today and try this:
1. How often (Example: Twice a month) do you wear saris and dresses for a party or  an occasion?
2. How long would a sari have to wait in your closet before it gets a chance to be worn by you?
3. If the answer is more than a year, the chances are it will never get its turn, because you would have added few more new ones :).
You found the perfect home for this sari and it could adorn another woman and make her day!

Become a 'Vibhushi'

Once you believe in the concept of Vibhushita, you are ready to become a Vibhushi! You can participate in Vibhushita by contacting us and sending the sari(s) or other Indian dresses and accessories in a nice package. We will ship it to India and have our volunteers distribute them. You will be able to see the picture and or story of the receiver with your sari on this website. We encourage you to share a blog post with your memories and stories of the sari you gave.