New Recipients

Thank you Thuli for sharing these pictures. Over the last few months we have received pictures of these women picking up clothes of their choice from Vibhushita donations.

Invaluable Help

Vibhushita would like to laud the amazing help of Smt Padmashree from Dublin. She helped take a suitcase of donated clothes to Bangalore and distributed them among the needy women in her area. The helping hand provided by her goes a long way in reaching our goal of helping more women dress up for a special occasion.

Thank you Padmashree!!

Exciting partnership with Thuli!!

Vibhushita is excited to announce a new partnership with Thuli., a non profit in Chennai. Three enterpreneurs Shivaji Prabhakar, Jeybala and Ajith Kumar have started this organization. It is an initiative that offers a shopping mall experience to the underprivileged sections of our society. It aims to do “charity with dignity”. It assembles all the clothes and accessories it receives from charity and sorts them according to their usability. After this, they are dry-cleaned and arranged according to size, age and gender at a godown. They are then put on display, in the racks of the shop.

Thanks to all the amazing donations we have received at Vibhushita. Thuli was able to display all these beautiful clothes. A number of women will benefit from these. Thank you all!

Amazing Volunteers

Vibhusihta gets a lot of clothes donations and without the help of committed volunteers it would be difficult to sort and package all the clothes. We would want to thank Sandhya Kolar, Deepa Ramachandra and Lavanya Prahlad from the bottom of our heart for folding and packing nearly 50 plus sarees and over 125 salwar kameez. It is indeed a great service, thank you!!

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