We are often asked our opinion about, “What we want/think/feel?” speaking for myself I can say I am not always truthful with my answer. I have wondered why I hesitate, play it safe and end up giving answers that are politically correct or one that is easier on the ears. “Taking a stand or voicing my opinion makes me uncomfortable”, is what I reason with myself and silence the little voice inside.

These are not heavy weight questions like “ Should we home school our kids?” or “Should we buy a house?” but rather simple questions that family members tend to ask, “ Are you alright?” “Is there something on your mind?”  “Did you like it?".

Many women suffer from this common disability that prevents us from voicing our opinions. Is it that we are hesitant to give the right answer or are we reluctant to bare our true sentiments? Constantly suppressing natural emotions creates internal pressure and relationships lack depth and fail to thrive. We humans are a complex vehicle of unique thoughts and emotions. If we ourselves are unsure about what makes us tick, it will be very difficult to convince the rest of the world.

Women are capable of achieving almost anything that they dream of and as super women we owe it to ourselves to keep it real and stop being superficial. Different people like different things and there is no right answer that can please everyone. Being true and honest in thought action and deed can make life simple and straightforward. A major step in that direction is figuring out what things and people actually make us happy. In this group of trusted and loved ones we can make a start and learn to let our hair down and be ourselves.

Have you ever heard kids talk to one another? They say what they feel very honestly and it takes them very little time to do that. How I wish we adults could be so uncomplicated.

Be congruent, be authentic, be your true self
— Mahatma Gandhi