Guest Post

I recently read somewhere and I couldn’t agree more -  “If you ever want to know what a woman’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2857 tabs open all at the same time. 😉

While that is mostly true, no two women would have the same tabs open, women are very diverse that way. While some enjoy a quite evening at home reading a book, others would like to party with their friends or play a game of volleyball. While one would prefer hiking up treacherous mountains, the other would like a casual stroll along the river - Diverse. The only tab I think that could be common for most would be the – the dressing up and getting ready tab. I believe this is a thread that binds most of us. (Ok, maybe one of the threads – can’t forget shopping, can we?)😉

Jokes apart, I remember as a kid I would wait for my sisters or mom to organize their wardrobes because that would mean my closet was going to get full. Being the youngest I always had an eye on my sister’s dresses, tops, jeans etc and when they decided to stop wearing something that meant I could have it. So I enjoyed best of both the worlds, got new clothes but also as-good-as-new clothes from my sisters. Just so you know, this tradition is still on even after we are married, I still wait for them to start giving away their collection of saris, chudidaars so I can start flaunting them at my events. I feel I am very privileged that way. However, I encounter the same problem, when I come to organzing my closet. But only if life was just that fair, of course I don’t have a younger sister to pass on my legacy to. So my fancy Indian wear just lies in my closet desolate, each of them waiting for a chance to be picked up and worn. Then again, I don’t think I told you that I live in the U.S currently – California where the opportunities you get to wear these Indian party wear are rather low, definitely not as much as in India. So everytime I look at my closet full of beautiful saris and salwar kameez, I wish I could have done justice to them and worn them more often, only if I had the chance. I am emotionally attached to most of them so whenever I think of donating them I can’t get myself to doing that. I wonder who will wear this sari that was given to me by my favorite aunt or my best friend etc, whether it will even get worn or not. Thinking of all this I can never get myself to actually let go of these dressy clothes – and there I am back to square one.

Well, all is not lost since we may have a solution after all, thanks to Vibhushita. Vibhushita is an initiative in the US that collects Indian party wear clothes and converts them into an “ensemble” or a package that includes clothes and accessories, a women might need for a special day.  It’s then delivered to a deserving person in India. There you go, an angel in disguise answering our prayers. 😊

There are many families in India, that are still trying to make ends meet. They lead a simple life trying to satisfy their basic needs. Obviously due to limited financial resources, for a woman the desire to buy a nice sari for an upcoming function gets the last priority. Through Vibhushita we can get a chance to fulfill such a simple desire of many women out there. In this way, you wouldn’t feel like you are just getting rid of your precious attire but would get a feeling of giving and compassion. You’ll feel happy when you’ll see a woman realizing her wish through you. She will enjoy an important day of her life, thanks to your contribution and thoughtfulness.

Personally, nothing gives me more happiness than bringing a smile on someone’s face and Vibhushita definitely is way up there in helping me do so. I hope this initiative gets more recognition, so we can make it successful by bringing cheer in a woman’s life. Please do spread the word and appreciate the joy of giving!!