Our Road map

The beginning

  • Took care of basic things like, name, website domain, simple site, blog etc.
  • Pending items:  Getting a logo designed, making the site look slick

Short term

  • Getting more feedback and suggestions
  • Elaborate on the collection and distribution process
  • Enlisting volunteers on both ends
  • Getting bags with logo printed for distributing clothes
  • Creating simple ways for women to share their stories  (Blog posts, photos or videos)

Medium term

  • Planning events for collection and distribution
  • Explore tax benefits for contributions made in kind. 501(c)?
  • Getting the community to involve more to increase the social buzz ( Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Standardize the process of distribution
  • Expand into other geographies

Long term

  • Distribution centers in more locations
  • Routine clothes/accessories drive
  • Eventually, make Vibhushita a platform for connecting right people and a destination to share the joy 

I might be missing a lot of things. With the kind of encouragement Vibhushita has received so far, I am confident this list will rapidly grow and we will check them off sooner.