The Concept of Sisterly Sharing

 "There is no joy in possession without sharing"  - Erasmus

Vibhushita wishes to encourage the spirit of sisterly sharing of used clothes. In India, it is common to see uncles, aunts, cousins and other family members living under the same roof or in the same city. One of the perks of such living is the periodic and unexpected hand-me-downs! Saris, salwars, blouses, lehengas and other accessories are often passed down within the family and among friends.  This effectively doubles a lady's wardrobe, providing variety for the woman to dress up. Haven’t we all at sometime shared a sari, a shoe or a necklace with a sister or a best friend? It is so much fun.

The best part of this sisterly sharing is that there is no feeling of inferiority or superiority between the benefactor and the beneficiary.

Vibhushita’s goal is to bring to fore this sentiment of sisterly sharing. If you think that it is just another one of your sister, aunt or cousin who is dressing up in the clothes you gave I am sure it will warm your heart. The key sentiment we are striving to drive home is, to not let the receiver feel bemeaned, much rather make them feel like they received a sari or a dress from a loved one who wishes them well.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can achieve this goal.