A la Mode: To be or not be?

Fashion! Turn to the left,

Fashion! Turn to the right.

These lyrics from David Bowie’s famous song “Fashion” sums up the Cannes Film Festival. Dressed up celebrities from all over the world pirouetting left and right for photographs make headlines for the couture labels they wear. With all the press coverage and photographs, we forget that it is actually a film festival. It seems like fashion trumps the professional success of the artistes. According to a recent news release I came across, one study has shown that, dressing in nicer clothes makes a woman feel better. I started to think do we dress up to look good or is it a routine we are following? Do the clothes we wear have a profound effect on the way we feel?

 A number of people believe that fashion doesn’t matter and that it takes away the focus from the daily activities that are important—work, relationships, family. However, it is amazing to know how much of mental energy is consumed even when you are dressing up for work everyday, or meeting our friends, carefully picking clothes and wearing something that brings out the best in us. All the selfies and pictures we take are a testament to the fact that how we dress up does matter.

Dressing up on any particular day I feel is influenced by who we are meeting, the occasion, and the mood we are in. For many of us dressing in a particular style has become a comforting ritual. Changing any of this seems like a daunting task. I can vouch for that, my grandmother was an epitome of grace right until her last days. She would insist we freshen up and change for the evening. As much as I hated doing this, I felt energized and refreshed by this simple act. Dressing to feel good is worthwhile and can become the key to success. I think if wearing a different style of clothes or make up can change how a woman perceives herself, there is no harm in trying it.